About Us

Metcalf (Leenside) Ltd was founded in 1826 on what is now the modern-day Canal Street in the heart of Nottingham.
Formally referred to as Leen Side and Station Street, the area was a hive of activity for the transportation of goods, via the waterways that connect the River Leen to the River Trent.
Being situated so close to the canal meant boat covers, tarpaulins, ropes and twine were all very much in demand for its users.

(Joseph Metcalf, Leen side 1949)
Joseph Metcalf advert, 1893

Almost 200 years on, the business is owned by Marcus Lewis, whose great grandfather also worked on Canal Street as a timber merchant from 1799 to 1956. Having expanded the company’s capabilities over the years we now reside on a modern industrial estate in Bingham, Nottinghamshire.
To this day we still manufacture some of the company's original products and offer an extended service within the industry.

("Joseph Metcalf advert" Wrights Directory 1893)